Hello! How was your weekend!? Great I hope!! It is your neighborhood tech newbie. My weekend was very nice, if you are wondering!! Got to help my mom plant a part of her gardenJ! Over the past few weeks we have been discussing new & social media. By now I think we all have a pretty good idea, of the benefits it presents to each of us. Give N Go is reducing NPO’s bottom line through partnerships and networking. Nurturing these partnerships alleviates the need for additional overhead in terms of marketing and public relations in consideration for NPOs’ shrinking annual budgets. Our intent is to assist other “grass root” NPOs and help them become current in today’s new social media tools such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter where the internet expands a company’s reach like never before. In today’s virtual market place 86% of NPO’s nationwide have a presence on these sites. With that number in mind of that 86%, half (50%) of them also state that they don’t effectively use those sites. 46% of these non-profits indicate fundraising as an important role for their social networking presence, making soliciting donations the second most popular role behind marketing the organization. These funds can go back into the company’s budget helping to further sustain progress. Acquired capital will assist in supporting new programming for multiple NPO’s locally and nationally: which in turn contributes to the spread of even greater community impact.

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Our flagship initiative Start Something is built to create visibility for community based projects. This is essential to fulfill a shared vision that will also increase exposure and marketability.   Additionally, NPO’s will be able to use our system to post events and news.  By strategically positioning ourselves in the media our NPO partners gain real time access to the masses during prime viewing and listening times. Comparatively, to address other developmental needs to increase their overall appeal, we’ll also assume the role of intermediary for NPOs seeking relationships with Corporate America and the entertainment industry.

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Give N Go is seeking support to help, empower, and strengthen a very, needed nonprofit sector. With the new arrival of social media and other means to engage audiences, the competition for funding has grown fierce. Bridging the gap between sponsorships, underwriting, and advertising will allow for better synergy between cause marketing and social media. Cause Marketing involves a cooperative effort, from a “for profit” business and a Non-Profit Organization for mutual benefit. The first major difference between cause marketing and what most believe to be corporate giving is that the latter involves a tax deduction. For profit companies engage in cause marketing regularly due to shared social concerns. The company’s highest priority is the relationship between them, NPO and the underlying relationship maintained is the one in the communities they reside in helping them to leave their personal footprint.

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Forty-one percent of Americans say they have purchased a product in the past year because it was associated with a social or environmental cause. Eighty-three percent of consumers want more of the products, services and retailers they use to benefit causes, according to the new 2010 Cone Cause Evolution Study- the nation’s only 17-year benchmark of cause marketing attitudes and behaviors. Monetary support will allow us to carryout Give N Go’s mission and objectives of engaging NPOs’ existing sponsors and volunteers in a new way that will increase participation and ultimately create a new resource for advocacy through networking and sustained partnerships. Funding will provide operating support so that GNG may implement programming effectively that fills gaps in the NPO sector, while also creating a platform to shape and reinvest in our youth.

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