Hello my name is Jerry Hayes. I will begin writing a series of blogs detailing my new professional life, as I dive into technology! First let me tell you a little about myself first though, before we start our journey. I am a husband to a beautiful and awesome wife, we met a while ago during our school years. The beginning of my professional career out of college has focused on the finance industry. For the first few years, I was very scattered looking for a home. I finally landed with the investment industry leader and to give you a hint the founder is the father of the mutual fund. After serving in various roles within the company, I had the privilege of being a part of a project team that launched the philanthropic arm here in Charlotte, NC. During that time my interests shifted to wanting to working in the nonprofit sector.

In 2009 Give N Go NPO was founded in Charlotte NC and in 2012 I ended my tenure in the finance sector. Ever since then Give N Go(GNG) has had its share of ups & downs, but finally has gained a foot hole with technology. I myself for instance am now studying to gain my project management certification, which is a very high demand job. Before doing this however, over the past year and a half we have been working on a program coined T.E.C.H Connect (Technology Entrepreneurship Coding Hub). The initiatives sole focus is workforce development for all underserved populations ages 16-28. It has turned into my personal mission to equip youth within the US, beginning in the southern region with access to coding courses for little to no cost. Being a product of the American education system, we are not preparing today’s learner for broader opportunities. Boarders are now being expanded like never before with the internet!

Every week I will begin sharing some of my ups & downs as I gain traction in this fast paced tech industry! Check out my site www.givengo.org for updates and deep discounts on our course offerings. Lastly here is a quick video on what T.E.C.H Connect is! Thanks and see you again soon!