Prince, Social Media, Content Marketing

Howdy howdy! Hope that you have had a great and restful weekend! This past week we lost a music icon in Prince. When the news broke, the first person I called was my Mom. To cut through the hour long conversation we had, I’m just going to give you the high level points. The first thing that she spoke about was how far he was ahead of his time and being an innovator lyrically. She then spoke about how many instruments he played and him playing with some of THE baddest bands. The last thing she said that stuck with me the most was…Prince being the internet before the internet was out. So I took it as all the stuff that is glamorized now from fast cars, partying, pretty girls etc he been about that life lol. After she had said that, it really got me to thinking about his body of work. By the numbers Prince published 39 studio albums, 4 live albums, 6 compilation albums and 136 music videos!

Prince, Social Media, Content Marketing  Prince, Social Media, Content Marketing

Some people may object to her statement, due to his “rocky” relationship with the internet.  I would most certainly disagree though and say that Prince was very masterful at the use of its tools. In today’s online world we crave dynamic images and videos. So it was seamless for him to do it, I mean you can start by taking a look at album covers and old footage. Everything was already internet ready lol! From color schemes chosen, to specific scenes in his music vids. He was a misfit and a purist when it came to music. His real problem was with record labels further abusing their power and limiting what artist earned from hard work. Prince effectively used social media to engage with past and current fans.

Prince, Social Media, Content Marketing

Could you imagine if someone like Prince would have had the tools we are able to leverage today online back in the 70’s? This leads me to an important point about the internet. It is like the wild wild west and employers are looking for experts to help the tame the market. Mastering new media can not only help you work with MEGA STARS like Prince or even help the next fortune 500 company…but you can become a star yourself with these skills! Give N Go as an organization is now just really catching the early late train lol. Consider gaining skills like search engine optimization, keyword writing, content marketing and online selling.

Next week we will dive in to the jobs market for new media and how you can go from zero to hero in less than 90 days! We appreciate you for taking the time out to hear our rant! Peace & blessings.

Prince, Social Media Content Marketing