About Us

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Through vocational education our goal is to position disadvantaged youth and adults for career success by providing 21st century applied learning techniques with Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

Our Vision

To assist the communities we serve with sustainable change and growth; by fostering the talent pipeline in underserved adolescent populations making them globally competitive as career professionals, entrepreneurs and most importantly citizens!

Community Resource Provider

Building relationships and developing partnerships is often costly and time consuming. At Give-N-Go, we offer outreach business services to join great minds and hearts together. By identifying the most beneficial partnerships for your niche, we work with you to adapt an approach that combines scalability (maximum reach) and low-cost customization (something unique for each partner).


Outsourcing the groundwork to Give-N-Go benefits you by reducing your costs and building your SSV (shared service value) in the marketplace.


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Distinguishing Features

Working with Give-N-Go offers unique access to various features, which include:


Consensus management by partner agencies;

Functional integration of service delivery;

Market-driven approach to product development;

Integrated MIS systems;

Intense involvement in the business community;

Links to higher education and K-12 school systems; and

The development of highly diversified funding base opportunities, including grants, contracts and business development partnerships.


As a Community Development Corporation, we need to drive business in the urban and rural markets to bring in millions – if not billions – of dollars annually. This includes fee-based revenue, a broad array of technologically advanced services, and unique financial arrangements for building, finance, construction and ownership within local communities.