Hey guys! It’s been a while! I missed you :)! Happy Memorial Day to everyone! As we salute today’s veterans, it gets me thinking a lot about numbers. I have been a numbers person for a while now being a finance minor. Working for a top financial firm for a decade, before venturing out on my own. The value of numbers and more importantly what can be done with them are expanding.


Data science is the new bees’ knees of the 21st century! It has created buzz, due the level of ease to transition into a new high paying career. There are over 8 different areas of interest in this field and growing. The even greater thing to me is how technology has impacted the use of numbers, with code being math in its purest form. Take a look at this infographic from Data Camp below www.datacamp.com.

Data science Info

Give N Go is gaining traction in the data training business by looking to work with leaders, such as Oracle, Johnson & Johnson, Facebook etc. Training is what we do best at our core. In the coming days we will release affordable online courses through channels like Groupon and Living Social. We wanna show you what we got!!! Next week will take a look at how if you already have a technology background how you can get a jump on your peers. We wish you a blessed and prosperous rest of the week! See you next Monday!