In today’s world of mobile phones, there are a million plus apps out there. There are apps out there for gaming, work productivity and everything in between. At first for myself making the change was bitter sweet, thinking that this was just a fad. However I am EXTREMELY happy that my Nextel is collecting dust. It has been easy for the smartphone to not only dominate the market, but to raise the bar for tech itself. Personalization has allowed, developers to innovate on a new level as well as carve out a niche for themselves. With demand out pacing new offerings; individual developers and companies find themselves in a peculiar position.

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Due to the shortage of talent, the industry is placing a premium on training tomorrow’s young leaders. Oracle has led the charge for quite some time now, with extending java training to collegiate institutions at no cost. There are multiple entities like Oracle doing this, but universities find themselves scrambling as the attempt to incorporate this into old education models. With the internet expanding borders like never before, learners do not have to be confined to a traditional learning setting.

Apps, iPhone, Android

So how does a person choose, what apps they would like to learn first? It is either Google’s Android, which is my personal fave or Apple’s IOS platform. There are others out there, but they simply don’t have the market share to raise the proverbial eyebrow. If you are smart you wouldn’t choose one, but would want skills to launch apps on either system. JQuery mobile, which is a Oracle product will allow you to do just that. Now if you prefer to stay in the tech stone ages J, there are certifications out there that are specific to the two giants mentioned above. With us being in a tech world without limits why commit to just one.

Apps. Android, iPhone

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