Howdy, howdy!! It’s your local tech newbie again! Since I have gotten into the workforce training industry, peers and students always question the importance of certifications. I myself once did, but now see the importance. Studying to become a project manager has not only opened my eyes to new ways of thinking; but setting a standard so anyone can pick up where I leave off!

I will always champion for project managers, but we tend to be bias towards other things when we are partial to somethingJ! IT Security is quickly becoming my 1A, because its so much more than safe guarding key info. Its fun things like setting up secure networks, cloud computing and even hacking back in self-defense! I mean if hacking somebody back isn’t cool, I don’t think you have a pulseJ!

Getting back to my question however, certifications simply show that you have a sound foundation and that you are leader amongst the crowd! I do not want to discredit self-learning through platforms like YouTube for instance. Yet the learner, will be more apt to take the tutorials from people that are not only knowledgeable but CREDENTIALED. Certifications just gives people that extra bit of confidence that you know what you are doing. So to really get off to the right foot in the IT Security sector let’s take a look at some of the industry leaders.

CompTIA has been in the training industry for well over 20 years. Give N Go serves as a training academy partner with CompTIA and we have been connected to other thought leaders and education providers. Their Security+ certification has set the global standard and are recognized by entities like Apple, IBM and the department of defense. They have made it easy for new upstarts like us to gain a strong foothold, with something that is industry supported.

Cisco Systems is another entity that has well over 20 years’ experience in this field. They offer the Cisco Networking Academy to interested training bodies and educational institutions. Cisco is unique due to them building the networking systems for 90% of major corporations globally! The CCNA Security certification has some of the same fundamental principles as their competitor mentioned above, but have a few nuances. Their certification will also get you recognized by same organizations.

Come train with us today at! We offer competitive pricing on our IT security library and you will get trained by our partner LearnSmart has created courses from individuals that hold these certifications but even more! So come by our site and join the ride today!