In today’s fast paced technology world, one thing has become evident as I move forward with learning this stuff. Securing personal information, is more important than ever before. Technology only makes it easier and easier for us to engage with the business community as consumers. This new level of ease has given us a false sense of security as we shop on the World Wide Web. Organizations have not properly prepared themselves to protect their client base leaving a back door, for cyber criminals to run rampant.

Due to the unpreparedness this has created two unique things, which are a skills gap and demand for more information security analyst. This dynamic field will only continue to thrive and evolve as new tech is created. Give N Go has created T.E.C.H. Connect to help in the fight of true digital literacy. This current generation has the opportunity to be the greatest society has ever seen. As their guides to tomorrow it is our job, to properly educate them in this digital landscape. We have foolishly convinced ourselves, into thinking that today’s youth are technology natives because they know how to loosely use social media tools.

True and sustainable knowledge comes from learning environments that engages students in real world experiences. This generation of youth and young adults are kinesthetic learners more so than groups in the past. It is our job as leaders within the sector to train tomorrow’s trail blazers, here locally within the great US of A! If you are a tech professional and have free time start a STEM club at a local school. If you do not know where to start but have the time and drive please visit our site at We are always looking for volunteers and have opportunities available!


Below are some great points about becoming a Information Security Analyst. Also we have listed a few topics that we cover with our students. Study and train with us and get a free CompTIA Security+ exam voucher. If you do not want to go after the CompTIA certification you will be ready to go after any standardized information security test! Train with us today!!

Course Topics

  1. 10 Security Concerns for Cloud Computing
  2. Physical Security
  3. How to Avoid a Cyber Disaster
  4. Protecting Your Network with Authentication and Cryptography
  5. Securing Communications
  6. Cloud Computing Security
  7. Cybersecurity Necessities: A Firewall, Antivirus, and a Well-Trained Workforce
  8. Hacking Back in Self-Defense

Fun facts

  • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics there were over 88K jobs opening in 2014 and there will be an 18% increase between the years of 2014-2024.
  • The national median is $88,000 also from the bureau too!