Learn Interactive Broadcasting

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This course stresses a thorough understanding of media as social instruments and emphasizes responsibility, professionalism and ethics, as well as hands-on practical experience in all aspects of communication technology. Areas of study include television, radio and film production.

Learner will have four capstones to test understanding and proficiency.

  • Create your show
  • Voice over/commercial spot
  • Interview Segment
  • Production Time
  • Final Project


Jerry Hayes

Jerry is a graduate of Johnson C. Smith University with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and a marketing concentration. Jerry serves as a financial professional at the number one mutual fund company in the financial sector. He has served on multiple committee’s to help shape tomorrow’s leaders within the company. Jerry comes from a family that has a very strong sense of core values. Things like hard work, integrity, empathy, and serving others are the pillars that his family is built around. Learning principles like these has propelled Jerry into the non-profit world as the Founder and President of Give N Go. Jerry has spearheaded countless projects that have assisted over 120 families in various ways. Jerry has also focused on assisting other non profits by providing adhoc services that helped serve their clientele.