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Web Development is more than HTML, CSS, and JavaScript even if each serves as an important element in web applications and websites.

This course was created to show you the increasing possibilities and tools in Web Development and how design is not separate but actually a part of a cohesive functioning environment.

I will show you different options as far as frameworks and editors to make an efficient project workflow.

This course is meant as an introduction to different types of Web Development so that you might decide if you prefer one type over the other.

  • Web Development and Web Design 

    This section will show the connection between design and development and how each part functions better as a whole.

    • Design and Develop
    • Editors
    • Types of Hosting
    • Using Github
  • HTML 5 Possibilities 

    The world of HTML 5 Development

    • What is the big deal
    • Media in the browser
    • Building Blocks
  • Styling the Web 

    Style sheets and how they are used for more than just appearance

    • CSS and CSS3
    • SASS and LESS
    • Animation in CSS
    • Responsive Columns
  • Responsive Frameworks 

    Frameworks that make Responsive workflows more efficient

    • Bootstrap
    • Zurb Foundation
  • WordPress for more than Blogging 

    Beyond the Blog

    • Past the Blog

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